What to Prepare for Fall to Best Take Care of Your Livestock

Weather conditions during the fall season can be unpredictable, so here are a few tips to keep in mind to best prepare. There are a lot of things to keep in mind like the health of your livestock, storing your feed, and seeking alternatives to your standard routine. Staying diligent and ahead of changing conditions will lead to a better quality of life for both you and your livestock.

Properly Store and Manage Your Feed

While taking inventory of how much feed you have stocked, it’s important to consider a few possibilities. During the period from fall to the end of winter, there are various different factors that could leave you without feed going into spring. There may be a nationwide shortage, a supply chain issue, weather conditions may cause a drought or many other unpredictable changes that might affect your stores of feed. It is better to expect the worst than to be conservative with your feed and suffer for it later.

Along with planning out your feedstocks, you should ensure that all of your inventory is stored correctly. Here are a few storage tips to keep in mind:

  • Feed can spoil if left in direct contact with the ground. If possible, store your feed somewhere dry atop concrete. At the very least, invest in wood pallets to store your feed on.
  • If stored in a place where it can become wet, make sure that the area is not shaded so that the feed can dry off quicker.
  • Store the feed on the higher ground of a sloped area so that water does not pool beneath the feed and cause it to spoil.

Use Feed Supplements When Needed

Even if you prepare enough feed for the seasons and store it properly, disaster can always happen. When your feed runs low, you can bolster your stocks with supplements. SoMo Farm & Ranch Supply stocks a wide variety of feed and supplements. It’s important to keep nutrition in mind. When you have to cut back on the amount of feed, it’s important to balance out their dietary needs with just the right amount of feed supplements. You can ask one of our experts for advice on how to best plan out the diet of your livestock.

You can find the feed and supplement brands we stock here: Feed, Mineral, and Supplements.

Extra Fall Tips!

Here are some extra tips to keep both your ranch and livestock in good shape during the fall season:

  • Avoid overgrazing by properly rotating your pastures.
  • Analyze and keep records of the various nutritional needs of your livestock.
  • Store records of your inventory to compare year-to-year results and better prepare for the future.
  • Keep an eye out for poisonous plants that may be growing in your pasture.
  • If you need to limit your feed, make sure the diet of your livestock remains as nutrient-dense as possible.

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