Crystalyx® is the original low-moisture supplement. Their wide range of targeted formulas covers nearly any feeding situation — from low forage quality to fly control and everything in between. As the region’s largest supplier of Crystalyx®, with over 60 different formulations, you can find the exact supplement for your needs at SoMo Farm & Ranch Supply.

The Right Formula for Your Needs

Find the right supplement for your cattle at SoMo Farm & Ranch Supply. We carry a massive selection of Bovine/Cattle formulas including:

SoMo Farm & Ranch also carries a wide selection of equine, sheep, and goat formulas, including:

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SoMo Farm & Ranch Supply has the exact formula for your animals’ needs. With the region’s largest Crystalyx® product availability, we have the products you need to properly supplement area forages for optimal animal production. Our team is extremely knowledgeable with the Crystalyx® brand of supplements. We will be happy to help you find the right solution. Visit SoMo Farm & Ranch Supply today at 2850 W Kearney in Springfield, MO. If you have questions, give us a call at 417-865-0312.