Cattle Head Holder FAQs

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Today, we answer some frequently asked questions about cattle head holders.

What does a cattle head holder do?

A cattle head holder keeps a cattle’s head still to prevent thrashing. The device locks in place via a top bar to secure the head, while the bottom bar has a curved head scoop to support the animal’s head.

How does a cattle head holder work?

The two pieces of a cattle head holder move in a scissor-like manner to catch the animal’s head after the squeeze chute closes on the sides of the neck at the shoulders.

The top and bottom gently yet firmly clamp down on either side of the animal’s head.  It locks in position thanks to a long handle off to the side, where the farmer is out of sight from the specimen. 

Once locked, the animal’s head cannot move up, down, or side to side until release.

The bottom part is curved for comfort and to keep the animal from moving its head from side to side. 

A cattle head holder is usually attached to the end of a cattle chute, alley, or some other cattle gate that keeps the animal’s body still. 

Why should I use a cattle head holder for my herd?

A cattle head holder keeps the animal still without placing unnecessary stress on the creature. This is important when you or a veterinarian need to examine the specimen’s eyes, ears, nose, and mouth for signs of disease or illness. It’s also a great tool for delivering oral medicines, bottle feeders for weaning calves, and injections in the neck or head. You can also add or replace ear tags easily and effectively.

A cattle head holder also keeps your family safe. When the animal cannot move, it cannot swing its head in any direction, which can potentially knock someone over. It cannot nip out in pain or fear when it receives a shot. Because the head can’t move, you can focus on opening the mouth if you need to deliver oral medication. 

A cattle head holder is adjustable depending on the size of the animal. You can adjust it for larger, older animals and weaned calves. 

Where can I get a cattle head holder in Southwest Missouri?

At SoMo Farm & Ranch in Springfield, Missouri. We offer Arrowquip cattle head holders as part of the world’s best squeeze chutes.

Call us at (417) 865-0312 and talk to us about a demonstration of our Arrowquip cattle handling equipment.  We have a few models in stock we can show you, and we can demonstrate how a cattle head holder works. We’re a top locally owned pet supply store in Springfield, Missouri.