Squeeze Chute FAQs

SoMo Farm & Ranch Supply in Springfield, Missouri, is a premier supplier of Arrowquip cattle handling equipment, including squeeze chutes.

Today, we answer some frequently asked questions about squeeze chutes for cattle.

What does a squeeze chute do for cattle?

A squeeze chute accomplishes a few things as you handle cattle in husbandry activities.

This device helps you sort cattle to move and load them into another pen or another area of the pasture or yard. 

A squeeze chute, or cattle chute, keeps cattle still so you or a veterinarian can examine one specimen at a time. It also allows you to inject medications or nutrients into the animal. It lets farms easily mark an individual.

Thirdly, you can use a squeeze chute to move cattle towards a ramp for transport.

Do I really need a squeeze chute for my cattle farm?

Absolutely, yes. 

They make your cattle operation less stressful on the herd and safer for your family.

Why do I need a squeeze chute for my cattle farm?

You have many reasons why you need a squeeze chute for your farm.

They are:

  1. More humane. Squeeze chutes reduce injuries to your animals by keeping them calmer.
  2. More efficient. The mechanisms involved in a cattle chute keep the animal still and then give it a 300-degree field of vision when it exits the chute.
  3. Safer. These are safer for the cattle and for your family, which can help reduce the chances of injuries to humans and livestock.
  4. Less aggravating for cattle. The right squeeze chute has a clear line of sight at the exit and fewer pressure points against the head and body.
  5. Focused on the exit. Cattle do not like being restrained or contained for long. The 300-degree field of vision lets them see where they are escaping to without being frightened of unknowns.
  6. Noise-reducing. Noises frighten cattle. You need them to stay calm when you’re working on them.
  7. Better for animal health. Squeeze chutes can help prevent bruises and injection site damage. They also reduce stress, which can affect conception, immunity, and rumination of your herd.
  8. Able to be adjusted. Farmers can easily adjust squeeze chutes to the size of the animal. This is particularly helpful if you have more than one breed or if a calf is not quite fully grown.
  9. Economically viable. This happens in several ways. Cattle chutes may reduce injuries, increase safety, save time, improve medication and nutritional delivery, and reduce veterinary visits.
  10. Faster. Cattle can be quickly, easily, and safely released from the chute when you’re done processing them.

Where can I get a squeeze chute in Southwest Missouri?

At SoMo Farm & Ranch in Springfield, Missouri.

Call us at (417) 865-0312 and talk to us about a demonstration of our Arrowquip cattle handling equipment.  We have a few models in stock we can show you. We’re also a top locally-owned pet supply store in Springfield, Missouri.