Why Purchase Products From a Locally Owned Farm & Pet Supply Store?

At SoMo Farm & Ranch Supply, we want to be your local resource not just for farm, ranch, and pet supplies, but also for friendly, knowledgeable staff who are ready to serve you.

Why purchase products from a locally owned farm and pet supply store in Springfield, Missori?

We’ll give a few reasons.

You Support the Local Economy

When you purchase from us, you support the local community and the local economy. We live here, eat here, and play here. But our local connections don’t just end there. We offer local products made right here in Missouri, like OO Brand Feeds made in Thayer. They get their feed and products from local farmers.

You Support Local Jobs

Shopping at your locally owned farm, ranch, and pet supply store gives you the opportunity to support local jobs. Many of our younger staff go to school (college and high school) here in Southwest Missouri while also learning the art and science of farming from their parents and grandparents. 

You Support Farming Communities & Families

Many of our employees come from farming families and have deep roots in the Ozarks. We talk shop. If you have a question about our products, we answer it as best as we can. If we don’t have the answer, we ask someone who does. 

Talk to our friendly staff, and we’ll help you with your farm, ranch, and pet supply needs.

You Raise Strong Animals That Support Our Growing Families

How many of you grew up with a dog or cat in the house? You treated them like members of your own family. When you purchase super premium Victor Pet Food for your dog or cat, you give them the nutrition they need to live healthy, active lives.

We carry several varieties of Victor Pet Food in stock at competitive prices.

Competitive Prices at Your Local Farm, Ranch & Pet Store

SoMo Farm & Ranch Supply on West Kearney in Springfield features competitive prices for the food and supplies you need. We encourage you to compare prices with other stores in town to see how we stack up. In addition to feed and supplies, we also carry clothes and apparel for you and your family.

Stop by or Call Your Local Farm, Ranch & Pet Store

At SoMo Farm & Ranch Supply in Springfield, Missouri. We offer a wide variety of feed, supplements, supplies, and more for your livestock or pets

Call us at (417) 865-0312 and talk to us about what we have in stock at your locally owned pet supply store.