Cattle Handling Equipment FAQs

SoMo Farm & Ranch Supply in Springfield, Missouri, proudly carries the top lines of Arrowquip cattle handling equipment in Missouri. 

Today, we’d like to answer some frequently asked questions about cattle handling equipment.

Do you need a squeeze chute for cattle?

Yes, a squeeze chute is needed to ensure safety for humans and animals alike as well as to increase revenue for your operation.

What is an effective cattle handling system?

The best cattle handling equipment must be designed to keep your livestock safe and your family and farmhands or ranch hands safe. 

Why is excellent cattle handling equipment an important investment for your farm or ranch?

There are several reasons to invest in the best cattle handling equipment on the market: 

  1. Safety. ArrowQuip manufactures the safest cattle handling equipment in the industry for both cattle and humans.
  2. Stress reduction. Effective cattle handling equipment reduces stress on your animals, which makes them better able to travel. You won’t see as many bumps and bruises on your cattle.
  3. Wide angles for better visibility. Livestock need to see where they are going. ArrowQuip cattle chutes ensure a clear line of sight for your animals with a 300-degree field of vision so they know where to move.
  4. Less pressure on cattle to move. Because your livestock can see where they’re going, there is less pressure on your animals to move. When your animals receive support, they are less likely to suffer injuries from falls, choking, balking, or moving too quickly due to anxiety or fear.
  5. Noise reduction. More noise on self-catch headgates and chutes may increase stress on your cattle because their natural proclivity is to move away from noises. Plus, cattle are very sensitive to high-frequency noise, such as the whining sounds you may hear from motors in self-catch equipment. Self-catch cattle chutes also take more time to operate versus Q-catch models from ArrowQuip.
  6. Better health for your animals. World-class cattle handling equipment improves the overall health of your animals by reducing bruises and stress. Better health leads to improved products and more revenue for your farm.
  7. Adjustments for size. Cattle handling equipment takes care of full-grown animals and calves with easy adjustments for size between animals. 
  8. Safe release from the chute. Unlike self-catch models, Q-catch models offer a quick release for each animal to reduce stress during transport. 
  9. Better overall handling. When cattle have a good experience with one chute, they will remember it later and be encouraged to go through a similar cattle chute again. You save time and reduce stress because your animals will know what to expect.
  10. Improved economic operations of your farm or ranch. Keeping cattle still during dosages for medicine leads to better precision for medications and injectable supplements. Your cattle will be more comfortable with great handling equipment, which means less time spent trying to get them to move through the chute or be still in the headgate.

What equipment is used to handle cattle?

Cattle chutes allow animals to move from one location to another, typically from a pen to a trailer or vice versa. Squeeze chutes (headgates) restrain your animals and keep them still when you need to administer medications.

Equipment types vary, from fully automated ones to ones with manual releases. Chutes must combine safety for the animals and effectiveness. Q-catch types offer quick releases from headgates using an efficient mechanism to increase safety and security. The handles and locking mechanisms are simple to operate, making it safer for your staff and your animals.

What is a cattle chute used for?

Easy transport for animals from one location to another, especially from a pen to a trailer or from a pen to a field when administering medications.

What is a cattle headgate?

A cattle headgate keeps your animals still when you or a vet administer medication or supplements, particularly with injectable liquids.

Does SoMo Farm & Ranch Supply sell cattle handling equipment?

We have the best selection of ArrowQuip models in Southwest Missouri, as well as competitive prices on the best super premium dog food in our Springfield, Missouri, pet store.

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